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Shy Martin

Latonya Morgan

Whitney McGill
VP of Programs:
Laxmi Potana
Chair of Student Contests:

Chintan Kothari
VP of Ways and Means:

Rajani Narra

Chair Membership:
Kenya Driver
Chair of Room Parents:
Shaina Choate
Chair of Library Support:

Christina Pike and Jennifer Worgess
VP of Hospitality:
Belinda Frost 
VP of Communications:
Deshundra Davis
Chair of Newsletter:


Chair of Student/Family Events:
Katherine Anthony
Chair Faculty/Staff Events:
Kristi Maynard and Stephanie Keaton
VP of Hospitality:
Belinda Frost
Chair Roarin’ Run: 
Melina Salamida
VP of Volunteers:
Candice Lank

Interested in volunteering for one of our open positions? Contact us at our Sycamore Elementary PTA Facebook page.

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