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Frequently Asked Questions

SES Families,

We are very excited to welcome our lions to the 2021-2022 school year. We have been working hard to prepare our classrooms and the rest of our building for our kiddos. Please see some commonly asked questions and information regarding the SES procedures.

We love our Sycamore families!


Julie Reagan, Principal


Will students have their temperature taken before coming into school?  

  • All parents/caregivers are expected to conduct a daily wellness check for their child(ren) using the Collierville Schools Wellness Check Form. This form is to be completed at home and parents will not need to provide the school with a copy. 

  • The wellness check form is at the end of this document.

  • Nurses may perform student or staff temperature screenings at any time throughout the school day. 

What if a student or teacher displays symptoms of COVID-19, or they have a positive diagnosis for COVID-19? 

Collierville Schools has updated their re-entry plan to include procedures and guidelines. We will have a “waiting room”(separate from our clinic) for students/staff who exhibit signs of COVID-19. 

What will classrooms look like? How will students be seated in the classroom?  

Students will be seated 6 feet apart in the classroom. Please note the teachers are still hard at work decorating their classrooms


How many students will be in a classroom? 

Class size will depend on our enrollment numbers and the size of the classroom. Please note students will be seated 6 feet apart in a classroom.  

Will we still have Open House and Curriculum Night?  

Based on Collierville Schools’ re-entry plan, large events will be held virtually. Teachers are working on creating introductory videos and we will be creating a Virtual Open House video soon. 

Will there be adjustments to the car rider line this year? 

Our car line will still be located in the parking lot off of Itawamba. We anticipate a larger car rider line this year. To safely and efficiently get our children into the building, families who bring their students to school must remain in their vehicles and follow the car rider line. Please be patient with our car rider line staff. SES staff will signal when it is clear for a child to exit/enter their car. The child will open and close their own car door. Please have younger children practice opening and closing the car door.

Are parents allowed in the building?

Parents will be allowed to drop materials off in the office. Parents will not be able to visit classrooms or eat lunch with his/her child at this time.

Will children be provided a mask?

Collierville Schools will provide one cloth mask for each student. We will have additional disposable masks on hand while supplies last for children who may need a replacement mask during the day. Please help your child practice wearing a mask properly.

Will my child be able to bring a water bottle to school?  

Families should provide their student(s) with a spill-proof water bottle from home. Please label the bottle with your child’s name. These water bottles can be refilled throughout the day with our NEW water bottle refill stations. However, our water fountains will be turned off. It is recommended students bring a plastic water bottle with a wide-mouth in order to easily fill them at the water bottle fill stations.

How will we meet our child’s teacher?  

Teachers will call families of students in grades 1st – 5th around August 13th to notify our lions of their homeroom teacher. Teachers will also email an introductory video to parents. Kindergarten families will be called around August 20th.

What if my child has a runny nose due to allergies, may he still come to school?  

Yes. Please refer to the Collierville Schools Wellness Check Form for additional guidance. 

Will children still have LAMPS classes?  

Yes, students will have Library, Music, Art, P.E. and STEM classes this year. The LAMPS teachers will come into the homeroom classrooms to limit movement. Students will have P.E. in the gym or outside.

Where will students eat lunch? Breakfast?

Students will eat lunch in the classroom to limit movement. Students may still purchase a lunch from the cafeteria. Students will pre-order their lunch selection in the morning, choosing from two different entrees. Students will receive their hot lunch in a prepackaged container. We are also looking at adding “outdoor picnic” times for our students. The outdoor lunches will not be open to visitors at this time. Teachers will communicate with parents to notify them of outdoor lunch days. Breakfast will still be served beginning at 8:45am. Students will pick-up a prepacked container and take breakfast to the homeroom class to eat.

Will students in 2nd – 5th  switch classes?  

Students in grades 3-5 will remain with their homeroom class. The team teachers will rotate into the classroom. 

Will students still have recess?  

Yes! We understand the importance of children having recess. While the playground equipment may not be used at this time, our P.E. teachers and classroom teachers are working together to create fun activities students can do outside while maintaining social distancing. 

We are also encouraging our teachers to take students for ‘Sycamore Strolls’’ as the schedule and weather permits. This is the equivalent of a walk outside so students can have a mask break.

Will there be extra cleaning of the school?

Each classroom will be equipped with hand sanitizing stations, along with cleaning supplies and wipes that will be available when needed. All buildings will be cleaned on a daily basis and intermittently throughout the school day. Additional custodial staff will be on site to focus on the sanitation of each school. 

Will there be extra cleaning of the bathrooms? Will bathroom breaks be restricted?  

  • Custodial staff will clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces. 

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up in the classrooms. 

  • Kindergarten classrooms have sinks, paper towels, hand soap and hand sanitizer. 

  • Students may bring their own hand sanitizer to school. If students opt to bring their own hand sanitizer, it is recommended the hand sanitizer have a cap that can be securely closed. Please send unscented hand sanitizers. Some students and employees have allergies to the scented hand sanitizers. 

  • Students will follow social distancing guidelines while using the restroom. 

  • Classroom schedules will allow for specific designated times to perform student handwashing and bathroom breaks.


How will my child find his/her classroom on the first day?

All of our LAMPS, assistants, teachers and administrators will help students find their classes during those first couple of days. Please be assured we will make sure each child safely gets to their classroom. 

Who is required to wear a mask?  

All employees and all visitors on campus. 

All students in grades PreK-12 are required to wear a face mask when 6-feet social distancing is not maintained. Teachers will provide students with opportunities for “mask breaks.”

Are Kindergarten parents able to walk their child to class?

Kindergarten parents will be able to walk their child to the classroom on their assigned staggered day. 


How do I get in touch with the school counselors?

Grades K – 2nd parents may reach out to Mrs. Kemp.

Grades 3rd – 5th parents may reach out to Mrs. McField.


All students in K-12 will receive an electronic device. This will be an iPad for students in K-5. Device fee for all Collierville students is $50 for the first child, $75 for two children and a cap of $100 for families of three or more children. 


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