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Register Your Child for Roarin' Run Today!

School Identifier 5d55591210be1

PLEASE DON'T WAIT! All students who register by 10/04/2019 will receive Registation = Lanyard for Collecting Emojis.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to get to goal fast!

1. First Register or re-Login to your parent dashboard and complete your child’s student webpage with a picture.

2. Make an online donation using the red Donate button right away

3. Share with friends and family, they want to help. Using the share tools on your parent dashboard simply send 10-15 emails and or text messages, then share on Facebook or Twitter. This will help your child reach their goal within 24/48 hours.

It’s a fact, Online Student Fundraising Webpages raise 3 times more and family and friends want to help your child succeed. Email or share our fundraiser with them today!

Thank You for your support!

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