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PTA Job Descriptions 2023-2024

  • President—Preside at general membership and board meetings; coordinate work of the board;  oversee recognition programs; serve as ex-officio member of all committees; confer regularly with the principal on parent/PTA concerns; represent Sycamore PTA at District PTA functions as required; lead annual budget meeting with VPs and Treasurer.​

  • Secretary—Record minutes of all general and board PTA meetings; distribute minutes to board members; send cards/notes for faculty/staff as requested. Update email database on Mail Chimp.

  • Treasurer—Handle all PTA funds; keep a full and accurate account of funds; make disbursements as authorized; be available to collect funds as needed and make all deposits for the PTA; present a financial statement at every meeting; prepare annual tax information and other financial reports as required by state or federal authorities and PTA officials; write checks when needed; ensure insurance policy is renewed.

  • VP Programs —Assist the Sycamore staff in carrying out programs for the school year including Immersion Day, Fine Arts Night, and Kindergarten & 5th Grade “graduation” celebrations.

    • Chair – Student Contests—Coordinate the annual PTA Reflections, Citizenship Essay and Safety Poster contests.  (Filled for the 2023-2024 school year)


  • VP Ways and Means—Develop programs and cultivate relationships with the community on behalf of our students and our school and oversee school annual fundraiser.  Develop other promotional activities as directed (such as selling PTA shirts, decals, etc.)

    • Chair – Roarin’ Run — Work with a committee to organize the annual fundraiser.

    • Chair –Membership —Build an informed, active membership; this includes conducting a membership campaign; maintain an accurate list of all members; prepare reports to the State PTA.

  • VP Communications—Oversee all PTA communications with parents & faculty via email and PTA social media pages.    

    • Chair – Newsletter — Responsible for producing and distributing printed or emailed newsletters bi-annually.


  • VP Hospitality—Oversee activities/events for students and their families to promote parent (guardian) and family involvement.  Also oversee teacher/staff appreciation events such as back to school breakfast for teachers and staff and teacher/staff appreciation weeks.

    • Chair – Student and Family Events - Work with VP to organize events such as Grandparents Breakfast, Morning with Moms and Donuts with Dads.

    • Chair – Teacher/Staff Events - Plan events related to teacher/staff appreciation such as back to school breakfast for teachers & staff, food for conference nights and staff appreciation weeks.


  • VP Volunteers—Recruit and reward volunteers as needed for the PTA.  This includes setting up volunteer tables at events and sending out appropriate volunteer forms.  Also, responsible for creating and maintaining an annual volunteer distribution email list and working the chairs to help as needed. Act as liaison with Sycamore staff to recruit volunteers for counting money, picture day, health room, etc.

    • Chair – Room Parents – Oversee all areas that relate to responsibilities associated with room parents (e.g. assisting Hospitality chairs, Field Day, etc.); compile a room parent handbook and lead an orientation meeting for all room parents. 

    • Chair – Library Support —Work with librarian to coordinate volunteers, and coordinate Scholastic Book Fair in the fall. (Filled for the 2023-2024 school year)

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